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Security Camera

DVR's often interface with analog cameras and they have a restrictive number of cameras which connect directly in the back of the unit. DVR's that have both a limited image collection process but may have the capacity to implement or the more recently released HD cameras. However, the DVR may not be able to take advantage of all of the features of an HD camera. DVR's often have lower capacity for storage and cameras are usually in a single site or building.

The traditional DVR is currently at the end of its life cycle due to advances in camera technology.

IP Surveillance
Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Currently we offer two different NVR's. One with Analytics and the other for use in surveillance systems that use, and thus require, large video storage capacity. The ever growing megapixel camera lenses, now 4k aka HHD simply require greater more storage.

With video storage requirements becoming larger, NVR's have adapted to include the added storage by allowing multiple drives, drive bays or drive type replacement known as Purple Surveillance.

TVI Recorders

TVI recorders answer the problem of existing camera system upgrade migration paths. Continue using your existing cameras while adding Megapixel cameras as needed either on one site or multiple locations.

TVI recorders usually have Video Management Software (VMS) which improves multiple camera viewing to often a drag-and-drop options. Our TVI recorders have VMS software, Smart phone App's and can even be used with your browser. All that is needed is a static IP address that does not change.

DVR Migration

Like all electronics, today's DVR's are quickly retiring from use in the business sector. The advancement of HHD camera technology and the use of Megapixel cameras have forced the replacement of DVR's.

The improvements in surveillance systems places greater demands in video storage so a DVR upgrade probably is in your future. But the replacement is well worth the costs as HHD cameras, aka 4k give twice the image data than an older HD camera.

What is an
NVR Recorder?

NVR Recorders came onto the surveillance horizon with the implementation of the megapixel cameras. Megapixel cameras posed a problem, how to store the ever increasing video storage requirements.

They also posed a secondary problem, with greater storage came heat generated from multiple drives writing the data to the drives. Today it is not unusual to have 3 or 4k megapixel cameras, and depending on size that storage can increase beyond 4TB drives of video storage.

What is a
TVI Recorder?

TVI, short for HD-TVI is defined as the High Definition Transport Video Interface. Why TVI rather than a NVR or DVR? Cost for one. The migration path for a DVR is a TVI recorder. Another advantage of TVI recorders is that you can continue to use your existing camera investment and add High Definition security cameras which provide for clear images and more detail.

Another advantage of TVI recorders is that they can convert HD digital signals used by HD cameras to digital signals. This allows for greater distances for those signals and places cameras at further distances.

Video Storage, How Much Do You Need?
Which Drive Do You Choose?

Purple Surveillance Hard Drives

With greater need for faster read/write and lower heat Western Digital created a separate line of surveillance drives. Equipped with AllFrame technology which works with ATA streaming to reduce frame loss. AllFrame reduces video interruptions that commonly occur when desktop hard drives are incorrectly used as storage in security surveillance systems. Drives designed for data storage were inadequate due to missed frames and lost footage.

Additionally WD Purple introduced caching algorithms that are tuned for write-intensive, low bit rate, high stream count applications that are typical of surveillance applications. WD Purple drives are designed for up to 32, 4k Cameras
Purple Surveillance Hard Drives

A newer member of the surveillance video recording family of drives, Purple NV is designed for larger-scale network surveillance systems utilizing higher HDD bay counts and greater numbers of attached cameras.

Since surveillance data contains business intelligence, you really should store the data on drives that are designed to withstand the requirements of the use it is intended for. The continual read/writes placed upon the drives creates heat and the added stress on the ordinary drives will shorten their life span and your Return on your investment and added maintenance after warranty.
Personal Cloud Backup

The more security cameras that you have, the more storage you need, especially if you want to store that data for long periods of time. As network cameras continue to increase in the megapixel versions, you have to consider how long you want to keep the data.

Should you have 20 or 30 cameras you'll need to have a greater understanding of the amount of data that you will be backing up as it probably reach into the terabyte range.

But when you backup to a surveillance NAS drive, and you desire more than the NAS drive can store, swap the drive to one you can take off site. It really depends on the amount of surveillance video storage you need.
Large Storage Solutions

Once you have passed beyond a few megapixel cameras, you'll find that you will need much larger storage capacity than a few surveillance drives. And if you desire to store that data for any length of time, you'll need to do the NVR Storage Calculator calculation.

Just as important, you'll need an NVR that stands up to the demands that you will place upon it. In such cases we recommend i3 International which we install, service and maintain.

One of the nice attributes of this storage array is that you may store data from one NVR or multiple NVR's that now allows you to share the NVR work load.

asked questions

01. How do we order?

A simple phone call starts the ball rolling. Once we have reviewed your project and we agree about the objectives, the order goes into our installation queue.

02. What Video Recorder do we need?

That really depends on the solution you need. If all the cameras are megapixel, an NVR is the right choice. But if you want to use existing cameras and you would want to upgrade some to HD, then a TVI recorder is the right choice.

03. Why Rent a Managed Recorder?

Your business may have decided that you no longer want to be in the equipment business and since technology changes hardware ownership may be something that no longer is desirable.

Our managed DVR's are replaced every 3 years. Should you also be renting our cameras too, we'll upgrade those as well.

It's simple, no more hardware management, current camera technology plus added assurance of no more service issues.

24/7 Video

Yes, we have an App for that!

Once your video surveillance system is installed, configured and you are trained, the next step is for your mobile App.

Let's face it, managers and business owners are mobile. They don't always afford to be fixed to a desk and with a video surveillance mobile App, the live video feed is available at a push of a button.

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Video Analytics
Business Intelligence
You have two approaches in security surveillance. Re-active surveillance, when something happens you locate, retrieve and Analyze the surveillance data. This approach to security has a downside. You don't see the events as they are happening leaving your business still vulnerable and you reviewing the data.

A better approach to surveillance security is the pro-active surveillance which uses analytics. As vulnerabilities happen alerts are sent notifying you of the events as they happen. Embedded in software on the NVR is video analytics that matches alerts and alerts you to this information. You in turn leverage that captured data into a powerful business intelligence platform. Understand staff behavior, loitering in certain areas or simply nu-clutter the surveillance you use.

License plate reading, Loitering, perimeter fence jumping, inventory depletion and delays of service to counter areas are all detectable using video analytics. We specialize in analytic surveillance platforms designed to detect these type of activities and provide top-of-the-line surveillance camera installations.