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System Installation
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Most quality manufactures have introduce 4k megapixel cameras. Currently the 4k standard is known as UHD or Ultra High Definition cameras.

However, not all manufacturers are created equal and we do not sell cheap or cheaply made cameras. The cost of a top quality camera might be higher than the cheap ones, but you won't have to concern yourself with camera replacement every year.

Camera Installation
Security Camera

With the ever increasing use of megapixel cameras comes with it a question, what type or kind of wire should you install for a camera system?

Installed correctly, a top-quality twisted pair wire should work within the scope of most camera systems. However, if you use older analog cameras you could use either Siamese cable or twisted with balun adapters.

Training and Support
System Training
and support

After the sale, you'll need support. One nice thing about working with a small company is that we know who you are. And we will learn your training needs as you grow.

The resources that are needed for your App's or your technical knowledge will be placed here in our website for you convenience. However, if you can not find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will gladly assist you with the resource.

Upgrade an Existing System
Security System

Last years surveillance or security technology was good last year. Surveillance security is a living and ever transitional platform and from time to time upgrades are a good choice.

Many of the products that we install and service have firmware updates. If they do, we will install them, or they may install automatically, free of charge.

However, no matter if they are free or not, you should always stay current if updates are available.

Repair and Existing System
Security System

There will be times that things break. So if you have purchased equipment from someone in the past, we probably can fix it.

If however, the camera system was an off-the-shelf product, the cameras may not be available.

Camera systems purchased through retail outlets are often to cheap to fix as the cameras often burn up in less than a year. Our position is that we still will assist you if you need us to.

Rent a Security System
Surveillance System

Depending on the type of business you have, system rental could be the right choice for you.

Surveillance System Rental takes the all the equipment ownership service issues and places them in our court, one of which we are professionals in. So rather than educate yourself on systems and pricing only to be obsolete the day you write the check, place the system and migrating requirements in trusted hands.

Security Camera and Surveillance

We install and service a wide range of security cameras but typically they fall into 4 different category's.
Analog Cameras
Analog Camera
Megapixel Cameras
Tracking Cameras
Covert Cameras

asked questions

01. Is there a security surveillance App for the system?

Yes. For the top two products that we install come with very reliable App's that work on both iPhone and Android smart phones. You also can have access through a web browser as well.

02. Can you integrate security cameras to our security system?

Yes. It becomes important that when a security system activates that the surveillance system capture as much data as possible. As an added service, we also provide monitoring services that take an active role of site video verification prior to police dispatch.

03. Do we need an IP Address?

We highly recommend it. Most businesses have found that when you use DDNS for your camera system, you will not enjoy the experience of repair calls.

24/7 Support

Round-the-Clock Support
Atlanta Security Cameras, Surveillance and Video Analytics

Rottweiler Systems, Inc. provides intelligent security camera systems that provide both video analytics and integration to other critical property protective systems.

As one of the first in Atlanta to start offering video analytics in the business surveillance marketplace, we have continued to implement customer defined systems that improve the security of the properties we serve.

That ability to integrate the surveillance system to other diverse security platforms is unique in the security camera marketplace.

Thus no matter what the size of your business, or budget you must work within, we have the right security solutions for you.

Surveillance System
Upgrade your Security System
From security camera replacement, hard drive installations or the addition of a megapixel camera, these are only part of what we do.

So if you have a surveillance system that needs a little tweaking or a DVR change out, or complete system installation we can help you with it.

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