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Owned by Rottweiler Systems, Inc., Atlanta-SecurityCameras.com started installing your traditional security cameras in 2006. Along the way we realized that what businesses needed was a focus directly on the entire system and not just on installing a camera. From parking lot tracking cameras, city hall structures, manufacturing facilities or air-port parking solutions to video analytics, we provide a better working surveillance system at a reasonable prices.

We don't stop there either. We also provide a whole family of security products and systems that provide greater vision into the business site activities. If your focus is distracted away from your business because of security issues, we can help turn your focus from the security distractions back onto your business.

Today's security camera trends

The introduction the TVI DVR's

Businesses want megapixel cameras. They also want to keep their investment into their analog cameras. Solution; a TVI DVR.

Keep the Analog cameras, add Megapixel cameras and upgrade the hard drive are all good reasons for a TVI DVR.

Tracking Cameras

Another trend are parking lot tracking cameras. These offset parking lot blind areas that allow issues of vandalism that continues to create business distractions.

Providing both safety and awareness for employees as they enter or leave the property.

video analytics

All businesses need video surveillance intelligence. Video analytics allows a proactive approach to property awareness.

Read License plates, locate missing items or alerts for abandoned items, stranger in the warehouse, all in one surveillance packages.

Video Verification before dispatch

Another trend is video verification prior to police dispatch. This trend is trying to reduce the Cry Wolf fees leveraged against businesses do to false alarms.

A business solution needed in today's technology driven world.


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Not all megapixel cameras are created equal and knowing the right manufacturer, model number and configuration settings makes a huge difference in the surveillance data your record.

HD Video

HD Cameras came into the market a few months ago and have now been replaced with HHD cameras. We scrutinize to insure that they meet our standards before we offer them to our customers.


In areas that require tracking of objects, we offer tracking cameras that follow the subject matter. Once detected, the camera zooms into object and once the object moves follows the subject.

Video Storage

Depending on the number of Megapixel cameras, and the number of days you want to retain the data, large storage servers may be needed. But if you have just a few 4Tb drives may be enough.

Analog to

Let's face it, if you already have a sizable investment in cameras, you'll want to get the maximum ROI for them. However if you want some megapixel cameras added a good choice would be to replace the older analog DVR with a TVI DVR.


Analytics is the surveillance game changer. No more looking through endless hours of recorded video. Highlight your area of interest, and press search. Any thing in that square pops up for your review. You'll want to see a demo of this action prior to your final choice.

Leading In
the Surveillance Technology curve
Your business, like all businesses requires a surveillance leader that anticipates, provides analytics and implements proven future trends as they develop.
We believe that we share in each and every one of our customers' concerns by providing the best security cameras and surveillance systems for the business marketplace. A simple request for a site visit, recommended upgrades or changes as needed which in turn will provide your business the surveillance insight to your specific concerns. We also provide security solutions beyond your surveillance needs when you need them.

This is not a hope, but a higher calling that requires vigilance ahead at every turn. The key to business surveillance protection requires anticipating surveillance trends as they develop. Remaining engaged as new technologies evolve allow us to provide innovative solutions to the benefit for our customers giving them a distinct surveillance advantage.

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When we could not find it, we built it. Now hundreds of businesses just like yours depend on Rottweiler Security for their everyday security every hour of every day.

Keep informed and connected with an interactive security system from Rottweiler Security.

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Card Access
Video and
Keyscan Surveillance
With Card Access

Integrating with your card access becomes more intuitive using Aurora Access Control Software. The integration software combines access control and video management into one convenient software interface allowing users to easily control video feeds with one single software platform.

You control the view either to a single camera or 4, 9 or 16 cameras at one time using convenient drag-and-drop viewer templates

Fire Systems
Fire Notification
in a real-time

In an emergency you need visual and audible notification for those in the building. You as a manager, you also need notification that provides you with the information quickly so that you can respond to the situation. Conventional appliances such as horns and strobes don't communicate what is happening to you, they alert.

Notification with surveillance informs you before the mystery of what happens, does not happen to you.

Video Analytics
& Notification

Viewing of security camera surveillance video has two different approaches. One approach is to record the video just in case it is needed. The other approach is a proactive one were you recognize that the needs are greater than just a copy of the surveillance video.

Staff Optimization, understanding shopper behavior or simple alerts that are caused by strangers entering the property, all are excellent reasons to implement a surveillance analytics.